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“Less than 10% of strategies that are effectively formulated are actually effectively executed”

It all starts with strategy formulation, but the execution is even more important! Most companies find it difficult to articulate a mid to long-term strategy. The way strategies are formulated, and on what levels, differs a lot per company. Larger companies may hire strategy consultants for strategy development or do it themselves, but high level strategies rarely get implemented effectively in the day to day operations as there is a disconnect. The actual business has probably not been involved sufficiently and there is no strategy execution governance model.

Result: Strategy documents remain high level discussion documents and rarely get properly translated into the business resulting in ineffective execution.

This is where we as Ballentine Strategy Consulting fit in. Strategy is not a set of documents, but a set of deeds. Strategy development is the process of adapting an organization’s course of action to best fit with the environment in which it operates. In practice, this means that strategy development is about calling the current actions into question, determining a more appropriate set of actions, and getting people in the organisation to carry out these actions.

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  • Growth is the ultimate goal for every business, but some grow faster than others. We are here to make sure your business model is scalable and that you stay ahead of your competition.

  • When you accelerate and grow, whatever your company’s age, things get really hot really fast. Your need for cash explodes overnight. We support you with planning and executing financing for rapid scale-up.

  • There is no need for fancy slides if there is no follow up! We help you to get the key people of the organization on board and align the organization to operationalize the grow strategy.

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Are you keen on (re-)visiting your company strategy, but don’t need an expensive consultant simply turning a general business model into a PowerPoint model with your labels on it?

Ballentine Strategy Consulting does not profess to know better than the entrepreneurs we support, but rather we challenge the status quo to further define your optimal business strategy.


Do you distinguish yourself enough when your strategy follows theoretical business model templates?

Ballentine Strategy Consulting dares to contemplate a practical approach to strategy, one which makes it executable without lacking relevance.


Getting your strategy from paper into practice?

Ballentine Strategy Consulting helps you with one of the most significant challenges in (re-)visiting your strategy; we deliver on the practical implementation of your strategy. Besides putting the strategy down on paper, we also work alongside our clients towards achieving a successful implementation.

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