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As both Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Defoe stated as far back as the 18th century, the one thing that is sure in life is death and taxes. Because of this, there is always a need for you to structure and legally defend your (business) affairs in such a way that you and your business are optimally protected and structured for all circumstances.

That is where we as Ballentine Tax & Legal come in. We can help you to optimise both your legal and tax position worldwide. Together with you, we will find solutions for every legal and fiscal challenge you may experience as an entrepreneur in your daily life. We start by listening, questioning and analysing your needs, and then, together with you, we find and create the most practical and workable solution for you. We don’t block, we enable!

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  • Enabling you to set up the most optimal tax structure tailored to your requirements.

  • Structuring your business to perfectly balance (tax) efficiency vs risk.

  • Capturing your business logic on paper to make sure your ideas run smoothly and are legally backed.

  • We help you to acquire and get acquired in a smart and correct fiscal and legal manner through spotting opportunity not obstacles.

  • We structure your investments in such a legal and fiscal way that they give an optimal return.

  • By helping you to prevent litigation, we serve you in the best possible way. But when needed, we are the smartest and most experienced litigators around.

We go the extra mile

Hanneke Hoff

A rock solid formula


The most important part of sound tax and legal advice is thinking ahead, defining your requirements.

Ballentine Tax & Legal thinks about opportunities just like an entrepreneur and makes the tax and legal side work for you, not the other way around.


Which entrepreneur got anywhere by doing exactly what everybody else is doing?

Ballentine Tax & Legal follows the same creed in executing its work. When contemplating any alternatives, we dare to be different so as to facilitate the best possible outcome.


What’s the point of a slick looking PowerPoint presentation if you don’t put into practice what you preach?

We are not the kind of firm that considers that delivering a well-articulated presentation means that our work is done. That is only done when we actually see it put into practice. And we make that happen. That’s wat we consider as delivering.

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Let us talk about your dreams and desires. Together we can make them happen.

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